About me

Well, where do I start…

I am a cancer, born on July 16, 1986. Born in Chennai, where I grew up for a significant part of my life, I am the only true Chennai-ite in my household and I am often chided as the Tamilian of the family, as my parents and my sister were born in Kerala. Due to this reason, I am lucky to say that I know Tamil and Malayalam as good as each other, and can pass off easily as one of either origin. In fact, many a time, new acquaintances know this only when I reveal it to them. :P

I have always wanted to explore the open blue skies and to that result, I became a licensed pilot on September 27, 2007 in Steinbach, MB in Canada. Since then, I have felt towards flying as I would, walking. And to keep intact my love for the blue yonder, I took up the wonderful art of teaching others how to fly since October 2008 and have never looked back since.