I was watching some videos on youtube today, when suddenly this video caught my eye.

And I was flooded with memories of watching G.I. Joe on Doordarshan and later, on Cartoon Network!!! I could say that although the cartoon series was very American, it instilled in me, a very passionate feeling towards the uniformed folk!!! My mom often chides me that when I was very small, I used to salute policemen that went by… Maybe that respect came from watching this series.

Later on, after high school, I even tried my hand at selection into the Armed Forces. Although I gave up that idea after a couple of attempts, the pride of the uniform still runs in my blood.

And now, when I see that the G.I. Joe series is being spun into a movie (probably even a trilogy, they say), I am tempted to go down memory lane. Even as I write this, I am downloading the entire collection of G.I. Joe cartoons and toon movies to watch all over again and also ones that I’ve never seen before.

I can’t express how excited I am, in wait of the movie to release, which is only on the 7th of August 2009. Until then I am going to watch all the old episodes, movies of the franchise and get myself in the “Yo Joe” mood!!!