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Testing out a remote blogging via BlogDesk

I was reading Jeba’s blog as usual and I saw he was trying out some new ways of blog writing, and he finally hit upon BlogDesk. So, I decided to try it out as well… The install and setting up my blog on the platform was a breeze and being a part-time geek, I generally like to figure things out on my own, but today was one mentally exhausting day and I was ready to shut this thing down if it wanted me to do a lot of setting up in order to get going. But the setup was refreshingly quick and simple. From download to writing this page now took me all of 2 minutes!!!

Anyways, I guess I have all the more reason to blog more frequently now..


Time for a skills upgrade

I have always classified myself as a part-time geek, one who can do stuff, but just the basics, such as fix buggy computers and stuff. Of course, I find that among “ordinary folk” (no offence intended) I am a full-blown geek when all I can do is look stuff up online and help fix their computers. And I have been stuck with that burden ever since.

Not that I mind being called one. It’s just that I pale in comparison to what real geeks can work around with. But that doesn’t stop my from trying my hand at stuff.

Being a computer crazy guy, I have tried my hand at various different aspects of coding and stuff. For instance, I tried my hand at HTML for a while before I heard of the revolution called CSS. Then I sidetracked for a little and got hooked onto Java, which I then dropped pursuing when I got bed-ridden for a couple of months. I tried hard at Adobe Photoshop for a while and didn’t go too far either. It’s my laziness and lack of focus that is to take most of the blame.

And in that track, I have decided to dive once again into the beautiful world of Photoshopping. I felt that it might be useful if I could share some 0f the resources that I used (when I tried my hand at PS earlier) and will use now on this attempt as well.

Pixel2Life: P2L, as its fondly called, is one of the most amazing resources of tutorials I have ever seen online!! It is such a big universe of tutorials, that its a paradise for anyone who wants to learn stuff on their own.

GreyCobra: GreyCobra, is another huge gallery of tutorials, and they are now moving to and its as amazing as P2L, and is more oriented towards graphics and web design.

I know I wont be able to do justice to the tutorials community even if I write down a million links here, but the ones I have mentioned are top of my list for sure!!

Now you must be wondering as to why I take all the trouble to put this small post up. I take this as putting it down in writing so that I take it up in me to try and fulfil my objective to learn something to put my computer craze into good use. So, here I go on yet another adventure, trying to learn more and upgrade my skills on being more techno savvy ;)

As my favorite graphic designer (and a very good online friend) often puts it,

..:: Peace ::..