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Moving day!!!

Moving to

Moving to

It’s been a long-time idea of mine to get a domain name (a for myself; my identity on the web, my own domain!!! After debating for long, I’ve finally gone ahead and bought a domain name all for myself…

That’s short for Praveen’s Ramblings… It’s probably a lot easier to remember than, for sure!! With this move, I hope to get a lot more actively blogging and getting to share my thoughts online more than ever!

So, here’s to an awesome new domain name!

PS: Thanks to Sreejith, an awesome online friend of mine (whom I’ve never met in person even though we’ve spoken over IM and the phone for over 4 years now!) and his domain and hosting service at for giving me an awesome deal on the domain (.in domains are still going dirt cheap at $2.99) and free hosting!

PPS: For anyone who wants to move their WordPress blog from one domain to another, look at How to move a WordPress blog or website/ for very easy step-by-step list!

music_note As a general rule, Indian movies can never make it big unless it has an awesome soundtrack. (Ok, for argument’s sake, I know there are some real good movies out there that have hardly anything to show in the name of a soundtrack, but that’s only been true in the last couple of years!) Like quite a few others of my breed in India, my music collection has been devoted to Soundtracks made in Kollywood, Mollywood and every other Desi-wood movie out there. In fact, I’m pretty sure that at least 90% of my music collection is Soundtracks!!

When I listen to my music, I generally can identify the composers fairly easily with their style (and obviously A. R. Rahman features way more often than others, but that is to be discussed another day) but not quite the singers of the song and when I listen to a good singer, I end up looking up the singer and finding other tracks that make or break my impressions of said person.

With the way ID3 tags have been developed over the years, the information stored is sorted by Album and Artist. Now, our Desi soundtracks are all generally composed by a “Music Director” who is the real Artist in question (well, according to me at least) and the singer is well, just that, the singer. So, I’ve always been divided over my own opinions of whether the “Artist” should be the Music Director or the singer should get the credit for that. Now, if I classify the Artist as the Music Director, then my media player on my pc AND my mp3 player will classify the whole album as done by one Artist, which makes it simpler to sort stuff out. But then comes the dilemma, where do I put down the names of the singers? Most mp3 players only recognize Song title, Album, Artist and Genre. I’ve tried getting it in the Title, and it works not bad until you get to a large group of singers and the mp3 player happily decides to shorten the title and make me mad!!! Now if I try to make the singers as the “Artists” then there is total chaos on how the music is organized, as each “Album” or movie is not classified as 4-5 different Albums because each has a different artist! And chaos ensues…

If there is anyone out there with a good solution to this problem, please help me out!!!

Until then I’ve got to say this (and sorry about the large font and the screaming)…


Making those tough decisions

I wanted to start this post or prambling, as I would like to call it, by saying the usual quotes like “Life is full of tough decisions”, etc, but decided to go the roundabout way by writing this line that I just did! Now isn’t that something!!

Anyway, getting to the point. Quite often, the journey of life puts one at the crossroads of taking tough decisions, making the right choice, or more aptly the preferred choice. Now quite a few would may not agree with what I say, but I have always stuck to good ol’ Popeye‘s famous one liner – I yam what I yam, and that’s all that I yam. I’ve always gone the preferred choice than what may in foresight or hindsight be the so-called right choice. It has not always taken me to a bed of roses. In fact, its taken me through more thorny paths than I would have liked, but I have always never regretted or looked back at what I could have become if I had taken an alternate path, because I have always done what I thought was my preferred choice. And my preferred choice has always been heart over head; love over reason, and to that effect, I definitely must give quite a bit of credit to my good old folks at home!

Now, why did such a post come up at this blog here at this moment? Well, its a very silly reason. I was just reading this blogpost which is a review for the movie Santosh Subramaniam. There was a really interesting discussion going on about parents making decisions for their children and so on. The movie, silly for quite a few reasons, actually has quite a deeper meaning running through its arteries. Its all about how some parents end up being overly protective about their children and how it ends up affecting them in the end. The overall theme is spun through all the hilarity quite well.

Coming back to the topic of discussion… So, in a parent-child relationship, who should really take the decisions? If its the parent, how long can the parent continue to do it before the child feels like a puppet? Or if its the other way around, how early does the parent let the child play at the fire and for how long, before the parent steps in and prevent the child from getting burned? I know that with the biggest decisions in my life, my mom and dad have let me have a go at whatever I wanted and have been hanging around just far enough behind me to not let me know their presence but close enough to help out if I have ever needed it. And even though I pretend to not know they are right behind me, I’ve always been comforted with the knowledge that they are always there for me. This support has let me wander into the blue yonder (even literally as a pilot) and go after my dreams. And almost always I have ended up making those tough decisions for myself, I have always liked it!

I know this sounds kinda mushy, but I dedicate this post to the best parents in the world – MINE!!! For being there for me for 23 years and hopefully for many more to come!! Thanks amma and achan!!!

Hello world!


Blogging has been something that I have dabbled in but with limited success due to my dilatory behaviour… (lazy, to put it in lay terms!)

Having been pestered by sister and spurred by myself to keep the fire of my creativity (!) going, I finally decided to do something that I can never run away from. Blogging about myself.

Hence was born, My Ramblings, aka Praveen’s Ramblings (coz my name is Praveen, duh!).

As a blogger and as one who tried his hand at HTML and a little web design (to futile effect), I am wary of where I am hosted. One of my earlier blogs was hosted by Samuli Kaski of Kaski hosting and was probably the best free host in the entire www-verse that I can think of… Other than that, I am always put off by free hosting. The reason being that I generally am not interested to invest in something that I have always ended up giving up slowly (like many of my aforementioned projects) or I don’t trust most of them free hosts living around.

Finally, one fine day, lost in thoughts, I asked my good friend Sreejith about good WordPress hosts, when he offered to host me on and as the old adage goes, the rest is history…

OK, enough boring talk. Hope to keep this one alive for I hopefully have a fine plan figured out to keep this personal blog of mine filled with blogposts and interesting thoughts.

Thanks for stumbling onto My Ramblings…