Wow, I really can’t help but just stop shouting my lungs out to everyone in the world that thinks all Indian (that’s East Indian for you Canadian folks) food is curry. If there is one word in the English language was not more inappropriately used, it’s Curry.

Wikipedia describes Curry as:

Curry (IPA:/?k?ri/) is a generic description used throughout European and American culture to describe a general variety of spiced dishes, best known in Asian cuisines, especially South Asian cuisine.

Working in a pretty global environment at a flight school in Canada, my colleagues come from different countries of the world, but almost everyone belongs to the “European and American culture” as described by Wikipedia. Every time I have food that is natively Indian, it does smell quite different than they’re all used to, and I get the comment, “So, you’re having curry?”. I am then tempted to (and quite often fall victim to the temptation) explain what the term Curry means and how the word is used quite in a derogatory manner and how the food I eat is NOT curry!!

And then the next day I hear, “So, you’re having curry again today?”. So now, I’m used to saying, “Yes, it’s curry again for today!”, and it puts a premature end to the conversation. Come to think of it, Curry is as much a misnomer as is Indian Cuisine, rightly pointed out in this blog post! But one gets so used to it with time that you don’t even think twice once you hear it being used in any sense or the lack of therein.

Signing off with that Rant for the day… (and hopefully back to active blogging!)  Hey, where did I leave my Curry? *sniggers and runs off*