‘Twas a nice summer’s day in oh-7,

Ere not I enter a Cessna cockpit;

Knew that I would be taken to heaven,

Soared, we did, with butterflies in my tummy’s pit!

- Praveen Premchandran.

The twenty sixth of June, Two thousand and seven was a fine summer’s day in Steinbach, MB, Canada. I arrived all excited to get into the air for the first time ever behind the “wheel”… After the formalities were completed, I was introduced to my instructor, Chris Carter (who was my instructor all the way to my Commercial Pilot’s license) and very soon, the two of us (both 6-footers) were squeezed into one tiny little Cessna 152 and were chugging down the runway, speeding up for take off… The rest as they say is history!

I spent the next 45 or so minutes trying to take in everything that Chris was trying to teach me about being gentle on the controls, and a whole bunch of other stuff. I was torn between the excitement of being airborne in a small little airplane, learning to fly, loving the view outside and keeping myself from screaming out aloud like a maniac! What I actually managed to learn that day is kinda foggy. But I do remember that toward the end of the flight, as we were returning for landing, there was a little bit of turbulence (hot summer days cause air to rise, causing turbulence) and Chris was doing umpteen number of small little movements of the controls trying to ensure that I got a nice finish to go with my “Discovery flight”! Taken off the controls, that was the first moment of the entire flight that I think I actually paused to breathe and the burst of air that went inside me told me that I was hooked to flying, and that this was to be the first of thousands, nay billions more flights to come!

Me, with Chris Carter and my fav. airplane C-FIYL

Me, with Chris Carter and my fav. airplane C-FIYL