Anyone that has used Computer/Software (especially Word Processing software such as MS Word) long enough ought to know that Ctrl + Z is the short cut to undo last action.  Press the two keys together and the World no longer knows that you tried to do that you just undid.

I was at a restaurant a couple of hours ago waiting for my take-away order to arrive, I realised that I actually craved for something else for lunch. Now, if I were on my computer, I could have swiftly jumped on top of those magic keys and boom, I could reorder what I craved for. But, this is real life, and there I was stuck with what I no longer wanted, my Albatross^.

That got me thinking… Imagine having a Ctrl+Z in real life. Now THAT would be totally radical! Imagine how awesome it would be if you could take back something unsavoury you said/did to someone. It could even bring about World Peace.

A wise man once said “Power corrupts, Absolute power corrupts absolutely^“. And this wise crack saying suddenly popped up in my brain, and then I decided that it was worth giving up my dreams of a Nobel Peace Prize.

So, sorry folks, I am NOT going to invent Ctrl+Z for use in real life. Sorry… Nothing to see here… Please keep moving… Come on, move along…


Just wanted to add this really funny pic from The Oatmeal. Thanks, Stalin Sathithatan

Ctrl Z - Abortion Clinic