Moving to

Moving to

It’s been a long-time idea of mine to get a domain name (a for myself; my identity on the web, my own domain!!! After debating for long, I’ve finally gone ahead and bought a domain name all for myself…

That’s short for Praveen’s Ramblings… It’s probably a lot easier to remember than, for sure!! With this move, I hope to get a lot more actively blogging and getting to share my thoughts online more than ever!

So, here’s to an awesome new domain name!

PS: Thanks to Sreejith, an awesome online friend of mine (whom I’ve never met in person even though we’ve spoken over IM and the phone for over 4 years now!) and his domain and hosting service at for giving me an awesome deal on the domain (.in domains are still going dirt cheap at $2.99) and free hosting!

PPS: For anyone who wants to move their WordPress blog from one domain to another, look at How to move a WordPress blog or website/ for very easy step-by-step list!